Why Ingenuity Prep?

Located in Southeast Washington, D.C., Ingenuity Prep is committed to preparing students to succeed in college and beyond as impactful civic leaders.  In this work, the school aspires to become one of the highest-performing schools in the country.

Ingenuity Prep will serve students PreK3 through 5th grade for the 2018-19 school year.  The school will grow one grade level each year thereafter, is approved to expand through 8th grade, and aspires to eventually grow through high school – providing families within and beyond Southeast D.C. and a great educational option, PreK3 through 12th grade.  Read below for three reasons Ingenuity Prep may be the right fit for you and your child.

I would have never guessed that my child would have learned as much as she has since starting PreK3 at Ingenuity Prep. I'm blown away.
Ingenuity Prep Parent

A Strong Culture of High Expectations

As a parent at Ingenuity Prep, you’ll find a school where teachers and staff exude enthusiasm, cultivate joy, and communicate with students in a way that maintains their dignity.  You’ll also find a place where extremely high expectations for procedural efficiency and student behavior are consistently reinforced with a warm/strict approach to student discipline.  The culture we aspire to create within our classrooms and across the school is both positive and purposeful – both fun and highly-efficient.

Ingenuity Prep staff maintain similarly high expectations for student achievement.  Be it literacy achievement, math achievement, or social-emotional development, Ingenuity Prep partners with parents to ensure ALL students make significant achievement gains.

Experienced, Expert Teachers in Every Classroom

Ingenuity Prep’s staffing model is built around a teacher career pipeline, providing for at least three highly qualified teachers in each classroom.  In the Ingenuity Prep model, early career teachers are never the primary drivers of culture or instructional practice within a classroom. Rather experienced lead and master teachers – selected from highly-competitive applicant pools – serve as the primary anchors of culture and instructional practice within each classroom. These teacher bring deep content knowledge and instructional expertise to their work in supporting students and mentoring early career teachers. As an Ingenuity Prep parent, you can count on our commitment to ensure your child is supported on a daily basis by great teachers.

A Commitment to Personalized Instruction

Whether your child enters his/her experience at Ingenuity Prep achieving significantly beyond or significantly below his peers, the school is prepared to ensure the instruction s/he receives and learning s/he engages in is consistently differentiated, personalized, and challenging. When using digital content such as ST Math or Lexia Core 5 Reading, students are able to work at the personalized level just right for them, do so at a pace that supports their learning needs, and receive feedback on their performance as they go. With multiple highly-qualified teachers in each classroom, most of students’ non-digital learning occurs in small groups differentiated by learning needs. With this, students have more opportunity to engage and teachers more opportunity to provide personalized feedback. Whether through frequent opportunities for small-group learning or through independent practice using digital content, Ingenuity Prep parents can count on a commitment to regular personalized instruction targeted at students’ individual needs.