We are looking for great people to join our team, inside and outside of the classroom. We would love to hear about them – and send you some money as a thank you. Our Referral Program is open to everyone – Current IP staff members, families, friends, and others outside of Ingenuity Prep. If you refer someone and they end up being hired to a full-time, permanent position, you may receive a cash reward up to $5,000.

Refer someone to work at Ingenuity Prep and, if s/he is hired, you could earn one of the following referral awards:

  • $5,000 for Principals
  • $2,000 for Vice Principal and Director-level positions
  • $2,000 for Teachers
  • $1,500 for Student Support positions (Social Worker, School Psychologist, Speech Pathologist)
  • $500 for all other roles

Rules and Eligibility*

  1. Your referral must be received prior to submission of the candidate’s application.
  2. The referred candidate must list you on his/her application.
  3. Your referral payment will be made approximately 90 days after the referred candidate begins employment.

*Failure to meet any of these rules may disqualify you from receiving the referral bonus. Ingenuity Prep retains sole discretion in making referral bonus decisions.