February 4, 2019

To the Ingenuity Prep Family Community:


I have the pleasure of serving as the Chair of the school’s Board of Trustees.  I enjoyed meeting some of you a few nights ago at school, and look forward to speaking with more of you throughout the year.

As you know, we are in the midst of a CEO transition. Following Aaron’s decision to step down as CEO, the Board appointed Will as Interim CEO through the end of the school year.  As I said the other night and in December, this step was the result of considerable Board deliberation. We would not have elevated Will to the Interim CEO position if we did not have confidence that he can do a great job as CEO.

At the same time we very much recognize that in order to determine whether Will should continue to serve as CEO after the close of the school year (dropping the “Interim” label), we need to engage in a more thorough and deliberate process taking into account not only Will’s performance in the job but also the input of others, including our families.

Our first step is to develop a set of qualities or competencies we would like to see in our CEO.  In that regard, we are seeking input from our families on the qualifications/competencies most important to you.  Accordingly I am sending with this email a link to a survey — you can find it by clicking right here.  Responses are anonymous and participation is entirely voluntary, but I would encourage you to take the time and provide us with your input.

If you would prefer to fill out a “hard copy” survey, you can get one at the front desk.

Later in the Spring we will devise a process whereby various stakeholders, including staff and family representatives, will interview Will and provide feedback to the Board. And of course, my door is always open to you. I, and the Board, would welcome input on these or any other topics at any time.


Many thanks and all the best,

Peter Winik
Board Chair, Ingenuity Prep