Nutrition and Wellness

At Ingenuity Prep, we’re committed to ensuring students are provided with nutritious meals across the school day.  We participate in the National School Breakfast and Lunch program, and we’ve partnered with Revolution Foods to provide all students with a free, healthy, and fresh breakfast, morning snack, lunch, and afternoon snack every day. Through our meal program, students are exposed to a variety whole fruits and vegetables, healthy carbohydrates, and lean proteins. See below for our monthly food menus.

Ingenuity Prep is proud to be a part of the Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Program (FFVP) through generous support from the D.C. Office of the State Superintendent for Education. Participation in the Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Program allows Ingenuity Prep to provide all students with a variety of fruits and vegetables — ones that are often new to our students — every school day as a morning snack.


In addition to engaging regularly in joyous, movement-rich classroom environments, Ingenuity Prep students receive regular opportunities to run, play, and learn outside in our playground and outdoor amphitheater. PreK students engage in at least 45 minutes of outside movement and play each day, with students in kindergarten and beyond receiving 40 daily minutes of outside play, PE, and recess.

To learn more about Ingenuity Prep’s commitment to wellness, see our School Health Profile.

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