Supporting Students with Disabilities During Virtual Learning

Ingenuity Prep plans to deliver related services according to student IEP’s to the greatest extent possible primarily remotely. Service providers will use zoom to conduct sessions during a mutually agreed upon schedule with families. There will also be an option for students receiving OT, Speech and students in Early Childhood to opt into one-on-one in person meetings at the school with the related service providers.  All sessions will be documented in SEDs under service session notes and will meet all required health and safety protocols.

Ingenuity Prep will also provide regular opportunities for families to receive training on how to best support their students receiving related services through distance learning. Service providers will also be regularly interacting with families to collect information on what is most needed to support their student.

For more information please contact: Stephanie Moore, Director of Student Support.

New Special Education Resource Hub for Families of Students with Disabilities

OSSE has launched a new online Special Education Resource Hub to provide students and families with answers to common questions around what to expect this school year and information on how parents and family members can best support their students. They have partnered with parents, organizations across DC and national special education experts to make this as useful and accessible as possible for families (including translation into multiple languages).