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Each school year, Ingenuity Prep aims to send every student, from PreK through 5th grade, on monthly, learning-based field trips. These trips don’t just enhance students’ education – they can also spark an interest or passion that will last a lifetime. From developing a love of science or history at one of our great museums, to exploring creativity through art and live performance, our field trips cultivate student learning outside of the classroom that enable them to grow into the greatest civic leaders they can be!

The 5th grade Nature Bridge excursion and schoolwide university visit are just two examples of the many unique learning experiences students are offered every year through our robust field trip program.

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Together, we can help inspire the next generation of historians, artists, and scientists!

Send our 5th grader cohort to the National Museum of African-American History and Culture

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Send a 2nd Grade classroom to the Discovery Theater

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Bring Mad Science to PreK4 classrooms for a day of science and experiments

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