Debra Santos

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Debra, a Social Entrepreneur, started with Ingenuity Prep as a member of the founding team and has been on the operating board since its inception. Debra brings to the board prior charter CFO/COO experience, focusing on scalable financial and operational systems. She has extensive facilities financing and construction experience for high growth charter management organizations, as well as over 25 years of senior level financial and operational experience in various industries. Debra is a book and blog author and travels to speak and promote the projects she is passionate about: education, literacy, film-making, individual and group empowerment through entrepreneurial opportunities, such as short-term rentals. Debra holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Professional Accounting, a Master’s of Science in Business Administration (MBA), a Master’s of Science in Technology and Telecommunications Management a Ph.D. in Divinity, and is pursuing a second Ph.D. in Organizational Management. Debra also holds a CPA license. As a mom and grandma, equal access to quality education and empowerment of youth and their parents is a passion of Debra’s.