June 4, 2019

To the Ingenuity Prep Community:


The Board of Ingenuity Prep is excited to announce the hiring of our next CEO, Will Stoetzer. As you know, Will is a co-founder of Ingenuity Prep, our former COO, and since December 2018 has been serving as Interim CEO. We believe he is positioned to build on his deep relationships with families, students, and staff and guide the school toward our vision of excellence and equity for all students.

The Board’s selection is the result of an inclusive interview process that evaluated Will against a set of qualities co-created by the Ingenuity Prep staff, families, and board. Will participated in four separate interview panels of key stakeholders–school staff, leadership, families and board members. The board then reviewed the feedback from each panel to inform its decision. The board is incredibly grateful to all panelists–their input was invaluable in the selection process.

Will brings important qualities the Ingenuity Prep community identified as critical for the next CEO, including his modeling of our core value of “integrity always” and his deep passion for the mission. Will holds high standards for what is possible for every Ingenuity Prep student, teacher, leader and him/herself.   I know that Will is committed to continuing to listen to all voices in the Ingenuity Prep community and to building and sustaining an open, accessible and transparent leadership team.  And I know that he is equally committed to empowering our incredible team to continue to support students and families.

The Board is excited for you to get to know Will even better even better in this new role; to share your ideas, innovations, and concerns; and to hear more about his plans for the future of IP.  Please be on the lookout for invitations from Will for opportunities to engage and meet last this summer and in the early part of the new school year.

Finally, the Board wants to thank you, our families, for your unwavering commitment to our students and staff. We know this year has brought change to our community and you have continued to support our staff and make sure your students come to school ready to learn.

Under Will’s leadership and with the great team we have on board, I believe we are poised to conquer new heights in the coming years. I know that every Board member shares my personal view that it is an honor, joy and privilege to support the Ingenuity Prep community in this great and noble undertaking.

We hope you have a great summer and wish you all the best as you recharge for the year ahead.


In gratitude for your partnership,


Peter Winik

Chair, Board of Trustees