2020-21 Family Handbook:

The SY20-21 Family Handbook is now available! Please review the Addendum at the beginning of the Handbook for updates that are specific to Virtual Learning and COVID precautions. The full Handbook is included in this document immediately after the Addendum.

Please note, the policies are subjected to change and the document attached may not represent the most up-to-date version.  If you believe this document is out of date, please contact a Front Office staff member to assist you in receiving an updated copy.

Important Attendance Policy Updates:

Ingenuity Prep is launching a new Attendance and Engagement Policy for use during virtual learning! Students will be marked Engaged or Not Engaged for every class block — so teachers and parents can identify trends when a student is missing a particular block of the day, like Math.

See the SY20-21 Family Handbook for the full Attendance & Engagement Policy.

Additional policies and information on school performance, charter agreements, and financial information are available on the Ingenuity Prep school profile page of the D.C. Public Charter School Board website.