Updated April 26, 2021

School Year 2021-22 Updates

Ingenuity Prep Families – 

I hope this finds you and your family doing well and in good health. It’s hard to believe that we have less than two months left in the 20-21 school year! This year has been an unprecedented year that has had a tremendous impact on our students, their learning, and your family. It has been a truly hard year. And while our team at Ingenuity Prep has worked very hard to provide the best educational experience as possible for our students, we know that nothing can replace having students in-person, at school, for a full and robust day of learning. We are not through the pandemic yet, but I’m hopeful that we will never again have to experience a school year like we’ve just had.

As we close out this school year, our team is hard at work in preparing for the 21-22 school year. Today, I wanted to share with you a few updates for SY21-22. Please take a few moments to read the updates provided below:

While we’re not certain of the exact format of our educational programming for next year, we are planning on full-day (8 a.m. to 3:40 p.m.), in-person instruction for all students PreK3-8th grade next school year. We are confident that with continued access to vaccines and with our health and safety protocols and procedures in place, we can provide a safe school environment to ensure all students are able to return to in-person instruction — which we strongly believe is the most effective for student learning.

While we’re highly encouraging families to have their student return to in-person instruction next school year, we recognize that some families may not be comfortable having their student return to in-person instruction. We are continuing to explore options on this front, however, we will have very limited spaces for students remaining in virtual instruction next school year and those will likely only be available to students who have the most significant medical needs.

Lastly, I wanted to share with you that we’ll be returning to our traditional academic calendar for SY21-22 with the first day of school on Wednesday, August 18, 2021! The full SY21-22 Academic Calendar will be shared on our website in the next few weeks.

Later this Spring and early in the Summer — as we approach the new school year — we will share additional updates with you on SY21-22.

As is the case with all schools, the end of each school year and the start of a new school year bring with it new staff members and staff who depart our team at Ingenuity Prep. I’m happy to say that more than 90% of our staff will be returning for SY21-22! Today, I wanted to share with you some transitions we’ll be having across our instructional and Academy leadership teams so you know the leaders who will be leading our academic program next school year.

Chief Academic Officer

After 8 years at Ingenuity Prep, Ms. Jennifer Hampton will be leaving Ingenuity Prep and her role as Chief Academic Officer at Ingenuity Prep at the end of this school year. Ms. Jennifer started at IP as a Kindergarten teacher in our first year, eventually becoming K-2 Principal, and then Chief Academic Officer two years ago. She has worked tirelessly on behalf of our students and families and I know all of you — like me — will be sad to see Ms. Jennifer leave Ingenuity Prep. 

See below for a few words from Ms. Jennifer on her transition:

IP Families, 

I have considered it a privilege and an honor to serve as a member of the Ingenuity Prep family for the past eight years. It has been a true joy to partner in building this organization with this community—our students, staff, families, board, and community partners. Together we have committed to preparing our students for college and beyond, and I think we have built a solid foundation for this to happen. 

I am forever thankful for the patience, dedication, and collaboration you have extended over the years. I have been humbled by how this community has embraced me as a leader, and I am so grateful for the students and academic program you have entrusted in my care. I will always look back on this experience as a highlight of my professional career. 

I am transitioning, but the shared Ingenuity Prep mission and vision continue to be strong. Ingenuity Prep is stronger than it has ever been in its history and continues to grow because of your active support. It is my belief the best days are yet to come. We have incredible staff developing and delivering a program that will meet the changing needs of our students and position IP for continued success. 

Ms. Jennifer Hampton

With Ms. Jennifer’s departure, we’ve been in the process of searching for a new Chief Academic Officer — which some IP families took part in interviews for. I couldn’t be more excited to share with you that Ms. Rashidah Lawson will be joining the team at Ingenuity Prep this summer as our next Chief Academic Officer. Ms. Rashidah, a D.C. native, will be returning back to the DMV from Boston, where she has been a middle school principal for the last 3 years. Prior to her time as a principal, she was a teacher and Vice Principal at KIPP College Prep for many years. As the senior academic leader, Ms. Rashidah is going to be a wonderful addition to our team here at Ingenuity Prep and I can’t wait for all of our students and families to meet her.

Early Childhood Academy (PreK3-Kinder) 

  • I’m thrilled that Ms. Tracie Dow (Principal), Ms. Allisa Queen (Vice Principal), and Ms. Dana Stiles (Vice Principal) will all be returning for SY21-22! 
  • We will also be welcoming Ms. Emily Coleman as our ECA Vice Principal for Special Education. Ms. Emily joins us from KIPP DC where she was formerly a PreK4 Teacher and Special Education Case Manager.

Elementary School Academy (1st-4th Grade)

  • After four years as our ESA Principal, Mr. Ben Johnson will be moving into a new role at Ingenuity Prep — Director of Curriculum and Instruction. In this new role, Mr. Ben will be working with leaders and teachers across the whole school to support high quality instruction and curriculum implementation to ensure our program is the best it can be. We’re excited for this new role Mr. Ben is taking on.
  • I’m pleased to announce that Ms. Kate O’Connor is becoming our new Elementary School Principal! Ms. Kate has been an exceptional  teacher, coach, and Vice Principal at Ingenuity Prep for the last 5 years and we’re thrilled to have her leading our Elementary School Academy as Principal next year.
  • Additionally, Mr. Davian Morgan (ESA Vice Principal for Literacy) and Mr. Bill Leach (ESA Vice Principal for Special Education) will be continuing on in their roles in SY21-22. 
  • Lastly, Ms. Jessica Law will be joining our staff as ESA Vice Principal for Math — the role Ms. Kate was previously in. Ms. Jessica joins us from E.L. Haynes where she has been a 3rd and 4th grade teacher for the last 7 years.

Middle School Academy 

  • It’s wonderful news that the full MSA leadership team will be returning in their roles for SY21-22! I’m deeply proud of the work that Mr. Roger Michael (Principal) and his team — Mr. Joseph Carter (MSA Vice Principal for Special Education), Mr. Brandon Clayton (MSA Vice Principal for Humanities), Ms. Cori Cryer (MSA Vice Principal for STEM), and Mr. Brandon Wood (MSA Dean of Students) — have done this school year and can’t wait for next year as our Middle School Academy grows to 8th grade.

As always, thank you for entrusting our team at Ingenuity Prep with educating your students. We take seriously our mission to prepare students to succeed in college and beyond as impactful civic leaders. As you consider your options for next school year, we hope that we continue to have the opportunity to serve your student and have your family as a part of the Ingenuity Prep community. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to your Academy Principal, our front desk staff at (202) 562-0391, or me directly at wstoetzer@ingenuityprep.org.

All my best,

Will Stoetzer
Co-Founder and CEO

COVID-19 Vaccine Appointment Information


Students currently participating in in-person instruction will return to virtual learning from Friday, April 2nd through Friday, April 23rd. Ingenuity Prep’s in-person program (ECA & ESA) will resume on Monday, April 26th.


Make Sure Your Student’s Immunizations Are Up To Date

As we look to the 2021-22 school year and as select students return to in-person instruction this Spring, your student must be up to date on immunizations (excluding COVID-19 vaccine) in order to attend school. You can start preparing now by calling your student’s doctor to ensure their immunizations are up to date with DC school requirements.