Students currently participating in in-person instruction will return to virtual learning from Friday, April 2nd through Friday, April 23rd. Ingenuity Prep’s in-person program (ECA & ESA) will resume on Monday, April 26th.


Apply For In-Person Learning
Ingenuity Prep is open for in-person instruction for select students in our Elementary and Early Childhood Academies (PreK-3 through 4th grade).

Families who apply to our in-person waitlist will be offered a seat once it is available.

Enrollment Actions

If you received an email offering your student(s) a seat in our in-person program, you must take the following critical next steps.

Complete this survey, which includes listing pick-up contacts, self-dismissal options, student allergies, etc.

Watch our virtual Back to School Night event with the Early Childhood Academy and Elementary Academy staff

Complete your student’s immunization requirements and submit paperwork to Ingenuity Prep via email to  Information on required immunizations can be found here.  If you have questions regarding immunizations, please call the front desk at (202) 562-0391. Students who are not fully immunized (excluding COVID-19 vaccine) WILL NOT be able to return to in-person instruction after the 20th day of school.

Register for and download SchoolPass – our daily healthscreen and authorized pick-up application.

  • Log-in credentials were emailed to families. If you did not receive a registration email, please call the front desk at 202-562-0391
  • Set-up instructions can be found here. All families must have access to this application via web or phone. 
  • The daily health screening must be completed prior to coming to school each day and will require a thermometer. 

Instructional Overview

  • Our in-person learning day is a robust learning experience coupled with important health and safety measures.  Our goal is to ensure we have healthy thriving community.
  • Arrival begins at 8:30 am each day. Students are expected to be in classrooms ready to learn by 9:00am
  • Dismissal begins at 2:30 pm each day
  • Sample schedules for all grade levels can be found here.

Health & Safety

Health & Safety Highlights
  • Student Requirement: Masks all-day (except when eating & napping)
  • ECA Staff Requirements
    • Surgical Masks (all-day except when eating) 
    • Face shields
    • Long sleeve scrub jackets
  • ESA Staff Requirements
    • Non-medical grade masks (all-day except when eating)
    • Face shields (optional)  
  • PPE kits in each classroom containing masks, hand sanitizer, gloves tissues, wipes, etc. 
Social Distancing
  • Social distance floor markers
  • Social distanced arrival, recess and dismissal procedures 
  • Designated bathrooms by grade and academy 
  • Single cohort breakfast and lunch procedures
  • Socially distanced seating to accommodate the max. occupancy of 11 students
  • Daily health screening for students and staff with temperature requirement via SchoolPass App
  • On-site access to COVID-19 rapid testing for symptomatic students
  • COVID-19 isolation room for symptomatic students
  • Weekly COVID-19 testing of staff by medical professionals
Cleaning & Other Measures
  • Individual materials kits for each student
  • Daily cleaning of desks and Chromebooks using provided PPE materials
  • High touch surfaces such as knobs cleaned frequently by custodians
  • Building sanitizing stations
  • Classroom air purifiers
  • Building access restricted for visitors and non-in-person instructional staff
SchoolPass is a very important part of keeping our community safe & healthy.

In-person families will use for it the following:

  • To complete daily health screen questions prior to arriving at school each day 
  • To let us know who is authorized to pick-up your student from school


  • We prioritized students who are in the bottom ⅓ of each grade in reading and/or math.
    (Tier 1 – both, Tier 2 – reading only and  Tier 3 –  math only)
  • Within these tiers students were further prioritized as follows:
    • Students who are experiencing homelessness
    • Students with IEPs
    • Disengaged Students (<70% attendance)
  • When there is availability after we have prioritized the groups above, we will include siblings (unless siblings fit the criteria above). If there is not availability, siblings will get preference on each grades waiting list (1st in line after students that want to return and fit the academic criteria)
  • All families that express interest in returning will be offered a seat based on the above or will be added to our waitlist until a seat becomes available.

You will receive an email from us offering you a seat in our in-person program.  You must complete the actions specified in that email to confirm your seat.

Students will come to school Monday through Friday. We believe that stability and consistency are important. As such, we are prioritizing having students at school every day of the week.

The school day will start at 9:00 a.m. Arrival and breakfast will begin at 8:30 a.m. School will run until 2:30 p.m.

Unfortunately, given health and safety requirements that prohibit us from mixing student groups, we will not be able to run our before and after school program during this time.

Yes, all students will be required to be in uniform. Ingenuity Prep is offering our families two uniform shirts for each student returning to in-person instruction.  Uniforms are available for pick-up at the front desk between 9 AM – 4 PM daily.

Yes, all students will have a daily health screen that they must complete. This daily survey can be completed at home prior to coming to the school building or at the school building when your student arrives. The survey will be checked upon your student’s arrival to school. Regardless of whether you completed the survey at home or at school, we will be taking temperatures of all students prior to entering the building.

If a student does not pass the daily health screen, they will not be permitted into the school building that day and may need to follow additional health guidance.

Yes, all students will be required to be fully up to date on their immunizations. If a student is not fully up to date on immunizations, they will not be able to return to in-person instruction.

No. Students will be provided with a Chromebook at school for learning.  Chromebooks distributed for virtual learning should remain at home until they are collected at the end of the school year.