Virtual schedules include large amounts of “live” instruction where students work directly with teachers and their classmates – creating an environment that is as close to “in-person” school as possible. The only parts of the day where students are without a teacher are during times labeled in the schedule as “independent work time” or during times labeled as breaks.

We are also committed to continuing to foster a daily sense of belonging and connection.  Student schedules include some combination of daily morning meetings, advisory groups and open office hours with teachers.

Sample schedules for all grade levels can be found here.

If for some reason your student is unable to attend “live” instruction, we ask that they complete the assignments for the classes they were unable to attend.  These assignments can be found by clicking the “Weekly Assignments” link on your student’s Clever homepage.  All work must be completed by 9 AM two school days after it was assigned (e.g. Work assigned on Monday would be due by 9 am on Wednesday) OR the following Monday, whichever is earlier, for it to count on your student’s report card.

Families from all grade levels should expect a one-on-one connection with a teacher about your student at least once per week.  Families with student’s in grades Pre-K – Kindergarten can also attend virtual office hours from 2:30 – 3:30 pm on school days.

Every two weeks we send a progress report to families.  Progress reports are sent electronically through DeansList.  Progress reports provide details on current academic progress, attendance and engagement.

If you have not registered for DeansList, please reach out to your student’s teacher for your validation code and go to

Our Primary Virtual Learning Platforms

  • Seesaw is an application that we use to complete independent work assignments. Students can complete work in Seesaw and teachers can provide feedback.
  • Read our 1-pager  or watch this video tutorial for more information
  • Nearpod is an application that we use to present information to students. Students can submit short responses during the presentation. Nearpod can be led by a teacher during a live lesson or accessed by students to work on independently.
  • Read our 1-pager  or watch this video tutorial for more information
  • Epic Books is the application that students will use to complete their independent reading work. This program automatically tracks the time that students spend reading.
  • Read our 1-pager for more information
  • Zearn is the application that 1st – 4th grade students will use to complete their independent math work.
  • Read our 1-pager for more information