Ingenuity Prep is a Title I School

What is Title 1?

Title 1 of the Elementary & Secondary Education Act (ESEA), as passed in 2015 by the US Department of Education, and amended by the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), is used to provide funding for schools to ensure students, regardless of family income, can “have a fair, equal and significant opportunity to obtain a high-quality education.”

Ingenuity Prep receives Schoolwide Assistance because 40% or more of our students receive free and reduced lunch.

How does Ingenuity Prep use Title 1 funds?

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic and because of Virtual Learning occurring, Ingenuity Prep has maintained similar plans for using Title 1 funds as which were used in SY19-20. Ingenuity Prep has identified 3 main uses of Title 1 funds:

1. Instructional Leadership

Instructional Leadership

Ingenuity Prep will maintain 6 Vice Principals in Kindergarten through 7th Grade. There will be 1 Literacy, 1 Math, and 1 Special Education VP in both the Elementary School Academy and the Middle School Academy.



2. Special Education

Special Education

Ingenuity Prep will add 1 inclusion class per grade level, and each class will be staffed by a full-time inclusion teacher. Additionally, the Special Education VP in both ESA and MSA will work closely with both inclusion teachers and with general education teachers to ensure students are receiving appropriate support.

3. Family and Community Engagement

Family and Community Engagement

Ingenuity Prep will add a Family and Community Engagement Manager who will work closely with families and the community to meet our community goals during Virtual Learning and beyond.

What are Parents’ Title I Rights?

Under ESSA, schools receiving Title 1 funds must inform parents of their right to request teacher qualifications. If you would like to know more about your student’s teacher’s qualifications, please contact Johnathaan Pannell , Ingenuity Prep’s Talent & Human Resources Manager.