Inclusion is our future.

Be part of it.

Be you.

Equity isn’t just an idea but an active reflection of self and community. Ingenuity Prep values inclusivity and diversity and forever seeks to expand the breadth of our understanding and support for all people; humanly united. We’re on a journey to affirming practices and courageous conversations, creating an environment where difference is valued. Everyone is welcome—as an inclusive organization, we are comfortable bringing our authentic whole selves to Ingenuity Prep.

Representation matters.

One of our first steps towards greater diversity, equity, and inclusion meant modifying our hiring practice.

Currently, 63% of our staff identify as African American/Black including 75% of the Executive Team.

our staff
executive team

We know DEI is not just about numerical outcomes. We must also be committed to intentionally developing DEI practices across a wide range of areas and continuously evolving them as we learn from each other and our work.

Our Current DEI Work

DEI Taskforce

DEI Taskforce

The DEI Taskforce is a group of representatives from across our school charged with organizing events that raise awareness and promote diversity and inclusion, as well as serving as a focus group for the ongoing development and implementation of our annual goals and broader DEI vision of excellence.



Ingenuity Prep organizes events across the school year to raise awareness and promote diversity and inclusion.  Examples of these events include activities across Black History Month, events celebrating Carnival and Holi, as well as a celebration of  Japanese culture centered around the cherry blossom festival.

Annual Priorities

Annual Priorities

2019-20 – We placed a focus on increasing staff members and students knowledge and awareness of race, ability, and sexual orientation groups, including having a better understanding of inequities that exist amongst these groups; and transforming our building to reflect and affirm the experiences, cultures and identities of a global and diverse student/staff population.

2020-21 – We are engaging in a small group approach to build trust across teams and across lines of race and gender difference.  These small groups will be focused on understanding their unique cultural lense, advancing racial equity and learning how to have conversations across lines of difference.  We have also curated a selection of “at-your-own pace” content across a variety of DEI topics.


School-wide Initiative Spotlight

At Ingenuity Prep we celebrate inclusion. We want everyone to feel respected and welcomed at our school. Our students, staff and families signed a pledge to end the use of the R-word. The word “retarded” is an exclusive term that enforces negative stereotypes about people with disabilities. It can be hurtful whether it is directed towards a person with a disability or when used as a synonymn for “dumb” or “stupid”. If we use this word, it is like saying people with disabilities are stupid. By pledging to eliminate the R-word from our vocabulary, we are helping to make sure that our community is a place where everyone feels welcomed and respected.