This starts with setting high standards for academics and striving to cultivate a love of learning in every student. We build on this foundation by ensuring our school is not just a place where students can learn, but also establish deep relationships and prepare to become impactful civic leaders – from their first days in school through their middle school years and beyond.

While no two grades are the same, the cornerstones of our program include:

Setting high academic expectations that enable students to achieve excellence
Maintaining low teacher-to-student ratios so that students get individualized support
Leveraging technology to personalize learning
Providing students with daily enrichment to fuel learning outside of traditional academics
Building civic leadership skills to prepare students to be changemakers in their communities
Making meaningful connections with students and families

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Do you have questions? We’re here to help answer them.

Yes. Ingenuity Prep is a public charter school. Our school is free and students are admitted through the citywide lottery (My School DC). There are no admissions tests or fees, and we are committed to serving all students, including those who have special needs or who have not yet learned English. While district public schools are run by DCPS, our public charter school is run independently and is accountable to the Public Charter School Board (PCSB) and the Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE).

Yes. We believe in serving all of the students and families who want to attend our school. If your student has an IEP or a 504 plan, our special education team will implement the IEP or 504 and ensure your student is receiving the services he or she is entitled to. As part of our special education program, we offer full inclusion opportunities as well as additional support, including: pullout support, push-in support, collaborative team teaching/integrated co-teaching, speech therapy, occupational therapy, counseling and paraprofessional support. If your student does not currently have an IEP or a 504 and you believe your student would benefit from special education services, our special education team will be happy to speak with you about your student’s needs.

Our typical school day runs from 8:20 AM through 3:40 PM. On Wednesdays students are dismissed at 2:15 PM.

The following are illustrative examples of our school day.

  • Sample Pre-K schedule
  • Sample Kindergarten schedule
  • Sample Elementary schedule (1st – 4th Grades)
  • Sample Middle School schedule (5th – 8th Grades)

Yes! We have a fee-based aftercare program that runs daily until 6 PM. In addition to aftercare, we offer clubs each semester to students. While the clubs vary based on the season and student interest, we frequently offer Girls on the Run, cooking classes, language clubs, and flag football, among others. Students who are enrolled in aftercare participate in clubs at no extra cost.

Learn more about our afterschool program here.

This varies by grade level. Our Pre-K classrooms are typically around 18 students, Kindergarten classrooms are about 20 students, and our Elementary School (1st – 4th Grade) classrooms are between 25 and 28 students. At Pre-K, Kindergarten, and Elementary School, students have at least two teachers in their classroom. This means that students receive most of their instruction in groups of 10 or fewer students, even in our larger classrooms.

Middle School class sizes fluctuate at all grade levels based on the number of students and are typically between 20 and 26 students. Some Middle School classrooms have co-teachers, although that is not always the case.

Students with disabilities may qualify for transportation through their IEP. If your student is currently receiving transportation as part of his or her IEP, they will continue to receive it at Ingenuity Prep. If you would like to discuss your student’s eligibility, please speak with a member of our Special Education team.

Yes! We offer PreK-3 and PreK-4. At Ingenuity Prep, as in all of DC, students must be 3 on or before September 30th to enroll in PreK-3, 4 on or before September 30th to enroll in PreK-4, and 5 on or before September 30th to enroll in Kindergarten. Students who do not meet the age requirement (are too young on September 30th) are not eligible to enroll in PreK-3, PreK-4, or Kindergarten.

Yes, we offer two different types of sibling preference. All new students, regardless of preference, must apply through the My School DC Lottery.

  1. If you are applying for a new student who is a sibling to a currently-enrolled Ingenuity Prep student, you may request a Sibling Preference through your lottery application. In order for the request to be approved, please submit proof of the shared biological parent or legal guardian to Ingenuity Prep. For more information about Ingenuity Prep’s definition of “sibling” please see our handbook. Students who receive this type of sibling preference (“Sibling Attending”) receive the first opportunity to be matched to open seats. Receiving sibling preference increases a student’s chances to win a seat in the lottery, but does not guarantee that the student will receive a match or waitlist offer.
  2. If you are applying for multiple students, My School DC will automatically apply a sibling preference to all students in your family when one of them has been matched to Ingenuity Prep or received a waitlist offer. Just like the sibling preference request option, receiving the automatic sibling preference (“Sibling Accepted”) does not guarantee that all students in the family will receive a match or waitlist offer from Ingenuity Prep, but it does increase the likelihood of a match or waitlist offer.

My School DC runs the lottery independently of schools. Ingenuity Prep has no ability to influence the outcome of the lottery, aside from approving sibling preference requests. Please see the My School DC website or watch this video for more information.

All families may apply through My School DC. To enroll at Ingenuity Prep, a family must provide proof of DC Residency when submitting enrollment materials. If you currently live outside of DC but are planning to move into the District before your student starts school, we welcome your application! Ingenuity Prep does not accept students who are not DC residents.

Please apply! If you receive a match or waitlist offer we’ll be happy to talk to you about alternative options for proving your DC residency.

After lottery results are released, families who received a match have until May 1 to claim their seat by completing all enrollment requirements. This means that waitlist offers are rarely made prior to May 1. Don’t panic! Ingenuity Prep is often able to make waitlist offers soon after May 1. Once a seat is available, we will contact you via a variety of methods (phone, email, letter), but respond quickly to avoid missing your chance! Typically families who receive waitlist offers have 2 weeks to claim the seat by completing all enrollment requirements. If you are on our waitlist, we recommend gathering the required paperwork so you can quickly submit it if you receive an offer!

  • Birth certificate
  • DC Health Certificate dated after May 1 of last year
  • Immunizations Record
  • DC Oral Health Certificate (dental certificate) dated after May 1 of last year
  • DC Residency Verification documents

Ingenuity Prep makes offers throughout the summer and typically through the end of September if we have open seats. We recommend that you accept your offer for the child or children that are matched with our school.  By enrolling your matched student(s) at Ingenuity Prep, you will ensure that their siblings on our waitlist receive a sibling preference, increasing the chance that they will all receive a waitlist offer. You can always disenroll your student at a later date if they receive a waitlist offer from the school their siblings are enrolled at. We do our best to make waitlist offers quickly and keep families together.

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Are you interested in learning more about Ingenuity Prep as a school option for your student? Join us for an Open House event. You’ll have a chance to interact with teachers and staff, and hear about what makes Ingenuity Prep one of the best schools in D.C.

All Open Houses will begin at 5pm and are expected to last 90 minutes. RSVP at the links below!

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Ingenuity Prep participates in the My School DC Common Lottery. Learn more at the link below.

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We are currently fully enrolled for the 2023-24 school year.  In the event that spaces open up during this school year, Ingenuity Prep may fill any open seats with students on the waitlist. Seats are made available to students on the waitlist in a first-come-first-served manner. Click here to apply to to be added to our waitlist.