Our Pre-K through 8th grade school is divided up into three different academies, each with its own Principal and leadership team that focus on just a few grades. We believe this allows for us to focus on the developmental needs of our students as they grow from Pre-K through 8th grade.

Early Childhood Academy

Our Early Childhood Academy serves students in PreK 3 through Kindergarten. Every classroom has two teachers in it, who are focused on:

Pairing Play and Learning

We believe that students in our early childhood program learn best by having room to play. Classrooms use thematic units so that students can connect academic content to real life experience, and students have self-directed centers every day.

Supporting the Whole Child

We support students in their academic and social growth, by teaching students developmentally appropriate skills that help them stay engaged during whole group lessons and play with their friends.

Elementary School Academy

Our Elementary School Academy serves students in 1st through 4th grade. Every classroom has two to three teachers, who are focused on:

Digging Deep on Content

The elementary grades are critical for students to solidify a strong foundation in reading and math. At Ingenuity Prep, Elementary Academy teachers are departmentalized so they can become content experts in math or literacy. This allows them to plan for and deliver in-depth instruction to students.

Building Social-Emotional Skills & Academic Independence

During their time in our Elementary Academy, we work to lay the foundation for students taking charge of their own learning. Every day, students have a social-emotional learning block. During this time, they work on building resilience, cooperating with their peers, and learning the skills they need to advocate for themselves.

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Middle School Academy

Our Middle School Academy serves students in 5th through 8th grade. Class sizes are small – typically around 20 students – and teachers are focused on:

Building Authentic Community

At Ingenuity Prep, Middle School Academy students are members of a house (Meraki, Ubuntu, Amistad, or Amandla) all the way through eighth grade. Houses emulate many of the characteristics of a sorority or fraternity, creating a family within the larger middle school community. In their houses, students work together to earn house points, build community, and engage in healthy competition. Houses help to teach students to not only celebrate individual contributions but also honor the collective power of a team. 

Academic Independence

The middle school years are a critical time for students to begin to learn strategies and behaviors that will support them to be successful in the more independent learning environments of high school and college. Our middle school focuses on teaching planning and organization, giving students tools to prioritize assignments and backwards plan towards longer term deadlines as well as works with students to develop an awareness of their current grades and the impact of remaining assignments on their final grade. Our middle school schedule contains an advisory block where students can practice these skills, check-in with their teachers and request support.

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