New Special Education Resource Hub for Families of Students with Disabilities

OSSE has launched a new online Special Education Resource Hub to provide students and families with answers to common questions around what to expect this school year and information on how parents and family members can best support their students. They have partnered with parents, organizations across DC and national special education experts to make this as useful and accessible as possible for families (including translation into multiple languages).

Hospital and Homebound Instruction Policy

The Chief of Student Support and Wellness serves as the primary point of contact for our school’s Home or Hospital Program. This program is designed to ensure that students who are unable to attend school due to medical reasons continue to receive quality education and support. Our Chief of Student Support and Wellness is dedicated to coordinating and facilitating all necessary resources, working closely with families, healthcare providers, and educators to develop individualized plans that meet each student’s unique needs. For more information or to access the Home or Hospital Program, please reach out to Alteasha Ervin at or 202-766-3144.