Ingenuity Prep At A Glance

Washington, D.C. has one of the largest black-white achievement gaps in the country. Students and families in the Southeast corner of the city have fewer quality school options than anywhere else.

In 2012 when Ingenuity Prep was looking to open, only 7% of students in our neighborhoods had access to a school where the majority of students were performing at or above grade-level.

Ingenuity Prep opened its doors in the Fall of 2013 with the goal of bringing more quality seats to the Southeast neighborhoods of Bellevue and Washington Highlands.

Founded by Aaron Cuny and current CEO Will Stoetzer, Ingenuity Prep began by serving PreK and Kindergarten. Every year since then Ingenuity Prep has added one grade; it now serves PreK-3 through 8th grade students.

Current enrollment


Grades Served

Pre-K to 8th

  • African American/Black %
  • Hispanic/Latino %

Students with Disabilities

At-Risk Students

Our Mission

Ingenuity Prep is a supportive school community dedicated to academic rigor and civic leadership, preparing students for the path to the colleges and careers of their choosing.

Our Values

As a school community we anchor ourselves in these values



We believe that our mindsets drive our outcomes. We exemplify optimistic thought of self and intent of others and view every challenge as an opportunity.



We understand that learning requires mistakes and setbacks. We know that we don’t need to be perfect, we need to bounce back and grow through each lesson.



We strive to do what is right and fair by acting in alignment with our values and who we are. We are responsible for our actions and strive to hold others accountable to theirs to ensure a positive impact for ourselves and our community.



We are invested in ourselves and our community so we set specific and achievable goals. We demonstrate our best effort, remain focused, and try multiple routes to reach success.



We build relationships with others through understanding their feelings. We name how we feel and intentionally listen to others’ perspectives to have restorative conversations and mend harm.

As we constantly strive to move from good to great, we are driven by high expectations of ourselves and others.


Knowing that getting the little things right can make a big difference, we strive for efficiency and precision as we seek to achieve our goals.


With humility and empathy, we seek first to understand, then to be understood.


We’re committed to doing what’s right – especially when it’s difficult and even when no one is looking.


Portrait of an Ingenuity Prep Graduate

We cultivate learners who are…

Academically Successful


Academic Mastery

Develop a deep and broad foundational knowledge of literacy, mathematics, and science by actively engaging in culturally relevant curriculum necessary for the colleges and careers of their choosing.


Independently and collaboratively craft solutions to authentic, complex, and real world problems.


Act as sense-makers and generative thinkers, persistently applying imaginative and innovative ideas in ambiguous and new situations.

Impactful Civic Leaders



Have the ability, confidence and willingness to write, speak, listen, and present effectively with others by adjusting communication based on the purpose of the message, context and audience.


Identify their own needs and those of others; and through understanding ​​the larger, historical, and cultural contexts, are able to navigate these differences and leverage resources to take necessary action to achieve their goals.

Social Activism

Relentlessly seek to understand the societal constraints affecting historically marginalized communities and actively work to dismantle systems that perpetuate injustice.

Social Emotionally Skilled



Understand one’s own evolving history, identity, values, strengths, limitations, motivations, biases, privileges and emotions and their impact on others.


Do what’s right, especially when it’s difficult and even when no one is looking.


Actively seek to understand others’ feelings, take on their perspective, and, in turn, act and speak in considerate ways with the intention of helping others.