“To be a part of the Ingenuity Prep Family is a great experience that I would recommend to all parents.  I love how patient and understanding they are.  I learned that it takes a village and IP is one of the greatest additions to my village.”

“I love that everyone knows Mariyah. When I drop her off in the mornings, I love that everyone greets Mariyah and it’s just not her teachers, its other staff members too. I feel so welcomed here. Everyone is so personable and friendly.  Mariyah is doing very well and I love it.”

“IP is a school that cares about the whole student. Not just the test score. Not just attendance. It cares about the whole student. Academically and emotionally. Anything a parent would want in a school, teacher or future leader you will find that at IP. I’m saying that because I have been honored to watch this school grow from 30 children to700 kids, and to watch that growth from a handful of people and a dream.”

“My kids have learned so much from this school. The teachers are teaching them and they are learning. I like the fact that the teachers send home what they are learning so I am aware of what is going on in the classroom and can help them at home too.”

“I am beyond grateful for teachers and staff who have diligently worked with my children and dedicated their time to continuously grow their love of learning.”

“I can tell the teachers love their kids and love what they do. They know their families personally and are well connected. It’s like a family feel at Ingenuity Prep.”

“My favorite thing is the support and the help that they give my child. One of my kids has an IEP, and he receives so many services there. He had a rough time before and now he’s an honor roll student at Ingenuity Prep. The teachers keep you up to date, and I so appreciate that.”