Re-enrollment is for students who are currently attending Ingenuity Prep. If you were enrolled at Ingenuity Prep in a prior year but are currently attending a new school, please follow the new student enrollment steps (if you have a lottery or waitlist offer from My School DC) or apply at My School DC to be added to our waitlist!
The deadline to re-enroll is

MAY 1, 2024

To re-enroll at Ingenuity Prep you must complete these steps:

Complete your online re-enrollment forms through PowerSchool Enrollment. You will receive an email at the beginning of the re-enrollment window with a link to access the portal. This link will allow you to create your account. If you need help accessing your account, please contact our front desk at (202) 562-0391.

Submit the following documents through the PowerSchool Enrollment Portal. If you have difficulty with the upload tool, you may also submit these documents by email to If you believe these records are already on file at Ingenuity Prep, you may call our front desk at (202) 562-0391 to confirm.

  • Health certificate (dated on or after 4/1/2023)
  • Immunizations record (which may be included in the student health certificate)
  • Dental certificate (dated on or after 4/1/2023)

Submit D.C. Residency Verification documents by email to and sign the D.C. Residency Verification form that will be sent to you from DocuSign.

  • If you receive TANF, SNAP, or Medicaid your student may be pre-verified as a DC resident and you will not need to submit new documents. In that case, we will be reaching out to you to confirm your address!

Families who would like support completing the online portions of re-enrollment may visit our school building between 9 AM and 4 PM, Monday through Friday or call us at (202) 562-0391.

You can download the full Re-Enrollment Packet here.